Did you know you can purchase your pet’s medications and nutrition products in our online store and have them delivered right your front door?

We’ve partnered with Vetsource, the industry-leading home delivery pharmacy provider to offer you this convenient service. Our partnership with Vetsource means that we can continue to supply you with quality products sourced from the manufacturer and have them shipped to your front door! Keep reading to learn how you can get free shipping.

Why should I order from Vetsource?

The product arrives directly from the manufacturer, so you know you’re getting what you pay for

Ordering from online pharmacies can be risky since it’s coming from an unknown fulfillment center. You may be getting diluted or fake product, and that’s why you’re able to buy it for significantly cheaper. It’s important to know where you’re ordering your product from. However, we understand convenience goes a long way, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Vetsource. Vetsource gets their product straight from the manufacturer, and has an excellent customer service team to help you with any issues that come up.

You are supporting our hospital so we can continue to provide quality service and care for your pet

A huge plus is that ordering from Vetsource directly supports our clinic, whereas ordering from other online pharmacies directly competes with us. Our veterinarians, technicians, and receptionists have taken the time to get to know your pet and everything that makes them special. They greet them when they walk in the door, gladly accept their kisses, soothe them when they are getting vaccines. Unfortunately, online pharmacies, who don’t even know what your pet looks like, are increasingly taking away from what the clinic has to offer and making it harder to be there for your pet when they truly need it.

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